Tournament Schedule


7:00AM — Solon HS opens to participating teams

8:00AM — Competition begins

3:20PM — Competition ends; participating teams clean homebases

4:00PM — Auditorium opens to participating teams; pre-awards entertainment begins

5:30PM — Awards Ceremony begins in the Auditorium

6:30PM — Awards Ceremony concludes; participating teams depart Solon HS

Event Schedule

Our tournament schedule mirrors the 2024 National Tournament schedule, as posted in the official rule manual. The letters in each time slot indicate which team group (A through F) will be competing. The conflicts are the same for all teams.

There will be open flight time for Wright Stuff in the New Gym from 7:30AM - 9:00AM. Only students should be testing or working with devices; coaches and parents may only observe.

2024 SHSSO Invitational Event Schedule.pdf


Teams will be able to select times for self-schedule events beginning on Sunday, 1/28/24 at 8:00PM EST; self-schedule will automatically close on Thursday, 2/1/24 at 8:00PM EST. 

Any late requests to change a self-schedule slot after this end time should be made directly to the Event Supervisor on the morning of the tournament. While we encourage Event Supervisors to accommodate these requests where possible, they retain ultimate authority to approve or deny changes requested after Thursday, 2/1/24 at 8:00PM EST. 

Please be aware that students should plan to arrive and be ready to compete at the BEGINNING of their selected time slot. Given the large number of participating teams, your students should not arrive near the end of the designated time slot and expect to be given the opportunity to compete.